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Defending asylum seekers in court is at the heart of what we do. The Center for Gender & Refugee Studies is committed to protecting as many refugees as possible under existing law even as we work for a more just legal system. We litigate in two key areas: advancing substantive asylum law to keep legal avenues open for refugees and protecting the asylum system itself to make sure that people have access to a fair legal process. This litigation docket provides an update on some of the major cases that CGRS is fighting in court.

Grace v. Barr

CGRS and the ACLU won an injunction blocking the government from rejecting survivors of gender- and gang-related violence in initial asylum screenings at the border.

M.A. v. Mayorkas

CGRS, the ACLU, and the National Immigrant Justice Center have filed a lawsuit challenging the application of President Biden's asylum ban in credible fear interviews and related policy changes.

Matter of A-B-

We successfully advocated for Attorney General Garland to vacate the Trump-era ruling in Matter of A-B-, which slammed the door on refugee survivors of domestic violence.

Matter of L-E-A-

CGRS provided amicus support and helped secure a reversal of the Trump-era ruling in Matter of L-E-A-, which undermined access to protection for people fleeing persecution related to their family ties.