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About the Database

CGRS’s Expert Witness Database offers advocates a searchable repository of qualified country specialists and health professionals who serve as expert witnesses to support asylum seekers in the United States. It is available free of charge to all advocates dedicated to promoting the rights of immigrants and asylum seekers.

Register as an Expert Witness

Register as a country condition expert!

The definition of an “expert witness” in immigration court is broad: scholars, journalists, members of civil society organizations, legal specialists or political analysts, and many other individuals with specialized knowledge on particular country conditions or issues impacting asylum seekers (i.e., gender-based violence, gang, religion, political opinion, etc.) could potentially qualify.

If you have particular knowledge on a specific country, please consider joining CGRS’s Expert Database as country conditions expert.

Register as a medical or mental health expert!

If you are a licensed medical or mental health provider, please consider joining CGRS’s Expert Database to support asylum seekers with forensic mental or physical evaluations.

Click here to register as an expert for a CGRS account and submit your information for consideration for inclusion in the database.

After registering as an expert, you will be granted access to CGRS’s Expert Witness Resource Library. The library contains resources intended to support work as an expert witness, including to support collaboration with a legal team, the practice of serving as an expert witness, sample expert declarations, and more.

If you have already registered and are listed in the database, click here to edit or update your profile. Let advocates know about your most recent publications or work experience and your availability to take on cases.

Register as a clinic or organization!

If you are a part of a clinic or organization that provides forensic mental health or physical evaluations, your organization's administrator can register here. 

Access the Expert Witness Database as a Non-Expert

Attorneys, advocates, and asylum seekers may access the Expert Witness Database here when logged into a CGRS account. Log in or create a new account to access the database.