CGRS Assesses Biden's Year-One Asylum Actions, Urges Administration to Reverse Course

Friday, January 21, 2022

On the first anniversary of President Biden's inauguration the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies (CGRS) published its assessment of his administration's year-one asylum policies. The document, titled "Seeking Asylum in the First Year of the Biden Administration: Cruelty and Chaos Persist," illustrates the gulf between the president's campaign promises and his policy decisions, and underscores that much work is needed to rebuild and improve our asylum system.

“We felt relief and optimism when President Biden took office one year ago,” CGRS Director Karen Musalo said this week. “Upon assuming office, Biden promised to end Trump’s disastrous asylum policies and treat people seeking safety with humanity. Instead his administration has embraced some of Trump’s most unconscionable positions and practices, escalating Title 42 expulsions of people seeking asylum and expanding the dangerous Remain in Mexico policy. One year in, the U.S. border remains fundamentally closed to families, children, and adults escaping persecution. That is a political choice and a moral failure. As President Biden enters his second year in office, we urge him to immediately reverse course and reinstate a safe and fair asylum process at the southern border.”

Click here for CGRS's assessment of Biden's actions on asylum one year after inauguration.